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Free Press fought in the field, at the FCC and in court to get broadcasters to post their political files online. These files contain crucial information about who’s paying to sway our vote.

We achieved a big victory when the FCC voted to require online posting — but the ruling applies immediately only to the top media markets. So Free Press is partnering with the Sunlight Foundation and the New America Foundation to collect the files from broadcast stations nationwide. Click here to see the files we’ve already collected, sign up here to inspect the files at your local station and stay tuned to this Tumblr for the latest updates.

What makes us feel pessimistic about the world, ultimately, is the way the media encourage us to believe that our fate hangs on the every move of the promise-breaking, terminally disappointing Teflon liars in Washington. And that’s a shame, because feeling optimistic shouldn’t require turning off the TV or tuning out The Process. What we are witnessing, after all, is the world’s greatest contest for power, an amazing fairy tale full of iconic moments that we’ll watch no matter how much Sean Hannity or Chris Matthews screams at us. But it would be awesome, next time, if we could find a way to turn down the volume.

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